Art by Susannah
Because everyone deserves to have a little extra colour in their lives!

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Absolutely gorgeous, Susannah! I am so glad I asked you about the works behind your desk, and discovered the artist was you.
Danielle - 15 Jun 2023
Absolutely gorgeous work!
Kristen Henderson-Love - 3 Sep 2020
Your pieces are absolutely beautiful. Very impressive.
Jeff Johnston - 9 Aug 2018
Recently I met Susannah (and Beau) through our connection at Sunset Arts Gallery in Grand Bend, On. Her enthusiasm in life and upbeat personality shows in her very creative and vibrant artwork. Looking forward to many more conversations with you Susannah!
Brenda Couckuyt - 18 Jun 2018
Wow Susannah, very impressive !! You have a great gift, congratulations and much more success.
Donna Robertson - 7 Jun 2018
Fantastic work Susannah! It's great to see so many of your creations in one place - and browsing through them is very enjoyable. Your talent is as undeniable as your spirit is generous. As you know, I'm thrilled with my pieces and you'll be the first person I contact when I have more wall space!
Sean - 30 Apr 2018
Congratulations on unveiling your art to the world!
Christian Bourdeau - 17 Apr 2018
My dear Sue,I am so happy for you. Your paintings are beautiful, energetic, passionate and full of life, just like the Sue i know if in boarding school. Please continue to use your gift to bless those around you.
Joan - 16 Apr 2018
To my dear friend, soooooooooo very proud of you. Your work shows heart, soul and spirited emotion, full of depth and hope.
C.R. - 15 Apr 2018
Susannah, you are my best friend in this world and I am so happy to see how you are thriving with your art. I love your pictures since I saw them personally. I love the colours, the vibrancy, the depth and the shine of your pieces and I must say that pictures do your artwork no justice. They never show the full depth and shine your pieces really have. So, to all the potential buyers who read this: Susannah's art is even better than can be shown here. Susannah, I wish xou even more success in the future! This website is great!
Christine - 15 Apr 2018
Sue, well done to one of my oldest friends. Congrats! I am so proud of you. Keep going. Life is full of colours and I love how you capture them in your art. It is a new beginning and here's beaming you bright lights throughout your exciting journey
Dee Foyston - 14 Apr 2018
Susannah, every time you show a new piece of yours, I can see how much you've grown as an artist and how you pour your heart and soul into each and every work. Your poured art is so unique, so amazing, it is really no wonder that people react to it with so much emotion.
Kate - 13 Apr 2018
Susannah: I knew when I first met you that you were special. Now, reconnecting again after so many years you have found what I saw in you - a gift for working with people, for seeing the world in beautiful and non-traditional ways, and recognizing that you have an important and unique contribution to make to the world. Your art is beautiful, evocative, and compelling. The ways in which you see, mix, and use colour are powerful and almost visceral. You inspire and amaze, Susannah! We need to discuss "Spring Run-off" - I am interested in purchasing the piece. Can you send me an email at your convenience? ~ wendy
Wendy Crocker - 13 Apr 2018
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