Art by Susannah
Because everyone deserves to have a little extra colour in their lives!

What the Clients really think!

This was sent to me last week by a happy customer from Mississauga Ontario who purchased some of my bags for her laptop computer and her mouse.  It is great to get feedback from my clients on how they use or display their art by Susannah! (Above)

These are works Susannah created for me, starting with the portrait of my registered Highland Bull.  She gave me the option of naming the piece and I could think of nothing better than "Cernunnos" because of his horns, the literary vitality of a bull and the full moon.  Susannah agreed and "Cernunnos" it was named.  It was among Susannah's first pieces and from there her artistic vision and the "voice" just exploded out of her!  These pieces, the Flame and the Glance quickly found a place in my home because of their vitality and passion.

Susannah has also done two private commissions for me which continue to give me great joy and once I am more settled I have plans to commission a large "poured art" piece from her because of the energy she brings to all her work.

Morag Macpherson April 2018 (Below)