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Because everyone deserves to have a little extra colour in their lives!

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(posted on 13 Apr 2018)

As an artist one of the most vulnerable things you can do is show your work to someone that you know. You are putting your heart on your sleeve and literally exposing your jugular to the world and expecting the worst and hoping  for the best....can you tell there is a bit of drama in my life?? 

Part of the process of being an artist is learning to let go.  There are days when the pieces that you produce will be viewed as glorious works of art and others when a sale as a fire starting kit would really come in handy.  Letting go and trusting in yourself and your talent is a real leap of faith.  I am now taking this leap into the unknown.  So here goes....this is my art. Good, bad or indifferent it is 100% me.  I started painting just over 3 years ago.  I was in a very dark place - as artist's often find themselves and I needed colour.  I didn't care about lines, form or symmetry in the least but I did crave colour, bright, vibrant, glorious colour.  So this is how my art started Christmas eve 2015.

I don't try to create a picture or a form of any kind, I just let it happen.  Those who have been following my art realize that the emotions and feelings that are stirred up when they see a particularly special piece come from the heart.  it is a visceral gut feeling that I hope each and every client feels when they make the decision to take home a piece of my art. Art should be for all generations and pocket books.  My wish for you today is that you see the divine  in everyone that you meet and that you can indeed see the divine in yourself.