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Because everyone deserves to have a little extra colour in their lives!

Susannah's Blog

(posted on 22 Apr 2018)

I shall start by saying thank you! Thank you to all of the people who have supported me in one way or another and have believed in me and my art even before I did.  I had someone ask me today how do I know how to mix the colours in a certain way.  I couldn't answer with any technical knowledge ...but I just know what looks right and what really offends my eyes.  I have had support from many people in several different ways.  Yesterday Vicki Miles an outstanding artist in her own right helped me hang my art in the new gallery we have both joined for this season. Vicki also a former art teacher of 20 plus years was able to identify my artistic styles with an actual name and history.  I had no idea about it's origins ....but it gave my work validity  ( I will save that for another day and blog).

 Amy Ray in California was the first person to ask to see my art and the first person to say - hey I want to buy that piece.  Amy was able to see something in my work that I couldn't.  My art was my life line and it pulled me out of a place I didn't want to be in, it was more like therapy for me than a financially motivated transaction. You see I so desperately needed colour.  My brother John has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  He has handed over his dining room and living room to me to create an art studio.  He has even acquired two heavy metal trolly's with large shelves for me to put my supplies on.  When I would be frustrated he would always know the right words to motivate me to keep going. He didn't even flinch when he had to recover his dining room chairs due to paint splatter. Lara Masur Leitch is a friend and artist of discerning tastes who spoke to me like I was an equal and an artist.  Lara gave me her wisdom and encouragement saying make every canvas count, keep track of your paintings and expenses and throw some gold paint onto this piece or that one.

 Of course there are the clients who have actually purchased pieces.  Several clients have been repeat customers and own several of my pieces.  When I first started to sell it was strictly via word of mouth.  I was shocked when total strangers would contact me and want to give me money for my work.  Each sale was a little piece of my soul being put back into place.  I never realized how fulfilling it could be for a simple transaction to trigger such a sense of wellbeing.  I know my art is not for everyone, that would be very boring indeed.  However I must admit it is a very inspiring experience to have someone look at a piece I have created and have that "moment" of connection. I can't name everyone who has been there and supported me but for a special few - I say Thank you! -  Morag, Connie, Christine, Ty, Sylvia, all of my Alma Sisters, Dee, Mystica, C.R., Christian, Amy, Ken & Eva, Katie, John, Virginia, Sarah, Chelsey, Sergio, Kim, Gwen, Joan, Vivian, Mary Lynn Fluter, Vicki, Darien, and the list goes on.  As you can see each person has in some way or another had a helping hand to raise this artist in this village.  I feel loved.